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Selling A Property

Tips on how To Sell your Home Faster

Although there is no sure fire way of guaranteeing being able to sell a property quickly, in this article we want to highlight some options that can make all the difference to not only selling a home faster but potentially maximising your chance of reaching your asking price in an often crowded property market.

Below are a host of tips we feel will be most beneficial and should not cost the earth, including:


Fresh Lick of Paint

Could your home potentially benefit from a fresh lick of paint or are there small DIY jobs that could be tackled? Bright, clean walls and skirting can create a vibe of a refurbished property, as can simply tightening curtain rails and door handles or cleaning carpets. Walk around your home and think from a buyers perspective about what you would like to see when you begin searching or what attracted you when buying the property in the first instance. What small tasks would help get your house or apartment onto their shortlist?


Decluttering & Freshening up your Home

Declutter and show off as much floor space as possible, rooms that appear larger will always help. Try to keep areas clean and tidy and if possible try to prevent storage cupboards bursting at the seams as storage space is often a big tick for potential buyers.

Keep outside spaces well maintained all year round. Curb appeal counts! Could your driveway benefit from a pressure wash or de-weeding? Could grass, hedges and shrubs in front gardens benefit from a trim or fences be painted/sprayed? Could your front door or windows being cleaned also boost that vital first impression?


How to Find the Right Estate Agent?

Find the right agent! Scope out their local office(s) and see if the team appear to work hard. What is their local for sale/sold board presence like? Do they have a good market share online via the main property portals or do many of their adverts have a ‘reduced’ symbol next to the price? How long have homes they advertise been on the market? What other methods can they advertise via? Can they possibly prove they have a waiting buyer bank for your type of property? Do family and friends have a good recommendation?

Beware of lengthy contracts and don’t be afraid to push for joint agency without incurring an increased commission percentage. An agent with competition can sometimes work harder and have increased focus.

This leads into agreeing and setting an accurate and realistic asking price. Although tempting, try to avoid agents that are clearly over valuing your home in order to secure your signature. The best time to achieve maximum value is in the first month of marketing, not by testing the market at an over inflated price and then needing to reduce later on.

Ensure your estate has a handle on all the best selling features you may benefit from and can boast, such as; parking, garden, brightness, modern bathroom(s)/kitchen, transport links, a quiet aspect, proximity to schools and shopping facilities, loft/storage space, overall size, flexible use of space, possibly new wiring or boiler, entertainment and leisure amenities close by, parks/green space and even mobile phone coverage and broadband speeds.

Selling a Property

Market your Home Professionally

Quality photography is essential in today’s world and floor plans are a must. As we allude to in other articles, be EPC ready. Energy performance certificates are legally required and you need to have one ordered before marketing can commence.

Always try to be viewing ready, if at all possible don’t find yourself in a position where you need to postpone or cancel viewings as you haven’t put away the washing or you’re enjoying a lay in on a day off. If your agent has keys, give them free reign for access where reasonable.

Consider an open house or even have two scheduled and advertised by your agent in order to assist with stoking and building interest as quickly as possible. A handful of house hunters walking around at the same time or people passing each other on the way in and out can help drive better offers sooner.

If you are out during the day at work, shopping or on the school run, try to ensure curtains are open and at certain times of year that the heating is on. A well lit and warm home is far more inviting than one that is cold and dark.

Highlight (via your agent or in marketing materials) conversion or extension opportunities that may exist. These may of course be subject to planning permissions, building control or permitted development but bringing the prospect of rear extensions and loft conversions to a potential buyers attention could be a difference maker.

Acquiring accurate and honest feedback can be crucial, don’t shy away from opinions that could ultimately help. Encourage viewers or the agent to let you know what the potential buyer thought, it could be something you can change quickly and easily.


Location, Location, Location!

Decide on the area you want to buy in advance of selling (but if possible, don’t make offers until you have an offer agreed). You don’t want to feel rushed into offering on a property that might not be right, or overpay for a home as you felt the need to get on with things.


Property Legality

Finally and linked to the above point, ensure you are financially and legally ready. If making an onward purchase, have you spoken to your bank or mortgage advisor about a remortgage, product transfer or additional borrowing? Have you obtained quotes from property solicitors so you are ready to instruct them? Maybe you could instruct the conveyancer in anticipation of receiving offers and get yourself ‘contract ready’ so this draft documents can be sent immediately. Are all of your documents ready for these professionals?


Other ways of selling fast

In some cases it may be necessary or decided that the best course of action is to consider a cash sale to companies that specialise in this area. You may choose to let your current home in order to make that onward purchase chain free. Auctions and part exchanging with a house builder could also be quick sale routes too, however, please be aware you are unlikely to realise the full market value and when renting your home you may incur the additional stamp duty charge.


We hope that you find the information in this blog useful. If you wish to discuss any of our services any further then please feel free to contact us via our enquiry form, or call us on 01536 238660