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What to do Whilst Selling Your Home?

What to do when Selling Your Home

Deciding to sell your home is not an easy decision. It is not something that people tend to do “on the whim”, but instead takes serious thought and preparation to move house. But before you start to pack up all your things, there is plenty that you need to do when selling your home.


Location, Location, Location!

We imagine this to be the most important factor for many when deciding to move home. Surveys suggest circa 60% of movers feel this to be paramount when taking this step. Therefore, decide on an area you want to purchase or rent within before anything else. Check out the local amenities, and other important criteria to you such as schools, transport links and shopping facilities.


Enquire with a Mortgage Advisor

To ensure your next move is affordable you should always enquire with a mortgage advisor. They should be able to interact with the whole of the market to make sure you are getting the very best deal available to you.

Do I have an EPC?

An EPC stands for “Energy Performance Certificate”. These certification became a legal requirement in 2008 to have one in place when selling your home. It assesses the performance of your home when retaining energy or heat that could be escaping and the associated costs. They last for ten years and will cost you circa £70 – £100. If you are unsure whether you have one in place, conduct an online search of the EPC Register, enter your postcode and you’ll be told if you do indeed have one ready. If you have undertaken any major upgrades to your home in terms of cavity wall or loft insulation or improved heating systems or window for example, it may be worth instructing for a new certificate to be obtained as any low rating can be detrimental to your sale.


Decide on an Estate Agent and Sale Price

Have local friends and relatives had a good or indifferent experience recently with an agency? Recommendations go a long way when making this important decision. Recommendation or not, we (with most quotes) would urge you to invite three agents to provide you with a valuation. You could base this on local for sale/sold board presence, online reviews, their property portal presence (Rightmove/Zoopla) and alike or pound the pavement and if they are high street based, go into their branch, maybe pretend to be a buyer, see how they interact or just go in for a frank discussion about fees and services they offer.


Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate a Deal

Don’t be afraid to negotiate a deal on commission or ask two agents to compete against one another, ensuring they are working as hard as possible. We don’t advocate this on all occasions and the area you live in will dictate whether this is worthwhile or even feasible. You may potentially incur a higher fee for a joint agency but again, haggle.

A tip here is to come to a consensus on the right sale price with your agent, use similar properties that have recently sold as a comparison. Our experience in this industry has heard many stories of agents over valuing the client’s home in order to secure the instruction, only to have to reduce their price later after the initial impetus of being fresh onto the market is lost. Watch out for lengthy tie in or notice periods within the estate agents’ contract, you don’t want to be sat online or in their window with little to no activity, handcuffed within an unreasonable contract. Read small print and always ask questions no matter how trivial you think they might be.

Negotiating a Property Offer

Prepare Your Home to Sell

Consider the curb appeal, could a garage door benefit from being repainted or could you hide any bins. This odd lick of paint could also potentially be extended to indoors if required, tighten the odd curtain rail, polish the glass table – a fresh feeling property will certainly catch the eye. Small fixes can make big gains!

Show off the space you have, the size or perceived size of your lounge, kitchen and bedrooms can make all the difference. Tidy areas to make increase the floor space, de-clutter where possible and try to keep storage cupboards or areas clear as these are great features.

Let the outside in, try to flood rooms with light and be mindful of temperature control. If you are at work all day with the heating off and viewings take place in the winter, you want there to be a noticeable difference when people enter, maybe keep the heating a little higher. Again, if in winter, try to keep your outside space appealing, keep any plants or shrubs and the grass well maintained and trim.

Have you considered an open day? These can have an impact on buyers urgency when making an offer and generate potentially higher bids. If this does not work or you do not want to go via this route, try to ensure you are always ready for viewings, even at short notice. You don’t want to have not tidied up, your agent has two viewings at short notice and you feel compelled to put them off – they may go an buy elsewhere!

Let the agent you are paying do the work, conduct viewings and handle the viewings, however, if you do want to be more hands on, accentuate those positives your home will doubtlessly possess.


Hopefully you can now focus on agreeing the very best offer possible, use similar local properties that have sold as your benchmark and work up or down depending on size, condition, whether you have parking or not or extensions for example. If you don’t quite get the bid you want, consider where best to counter, don’t set the bar too low but try not to frighten people away either. Could you offer a little less for the home you are looking to buy?


Now it’s time to choose a conveyancer, hopefully via us here at Your Conveyancing Solution!

Also consider whether you want to instruct your own survey (if indeed you are making an onward purchase, valuations are compulsory if requiring a mortgage), removals and insurances you may need. Do you need to adjust your life cover, buildings and contents insurance, even car insurance?


We now hope your transaction proceeds smoothly and some of this information can assist you with moving home as quickly as possible.


Why is my Home not Selling?

It could be poor photographs, the wrong price point, estate agent marketing in the wrong places, no floor plan, not showing your home in its best light or limited availability for viewings. Are you getting honest feedback?


We hope this article provides a little guidance and one of our tips makes all the difference to your selling success! If you wish to get in touch with us then you can via our contact page, or call us on 01536 238660